My dad and I made this fishtank for my mum for Christmas a few years ago with dollhouse furniture. I thought it was pretty rad

Edit: Anyone wishing to recreate this should be extremely cautious. We tried to make sure everything used was aquarium grade - no tight spots (for big fish) or sharp edges. We had no fish injuries in the two years it was running but I definitely will say it isn’t the easiest tank to maintain in terms of the biological filter. I work with fish, so I knew what to be wary of - but if you’re careful it looks rad and your fish *should* be fine.


The OP appears to know what they’re doing, so the only thing I’m still concerned about is an apparent lack of hides? I understand the want to avoid tight spots but shouldn’t adequately sized hides still be made present so the fish aren’t forced to be out in the open all the time?

Fish savvy followers? Thoughts?



goldfish aren’t my specialty so i don’t have a ton of input here, but a goldie-savvy fish blogger i follow was talking about tank size. the recommended tank size for two fancy goldfish is a minimum of 40 gallons, and those are the smallest of the species.

op seems to know about fishkeeping so i’m wondering if they maybe moved the fish once they grew large enough to require a properly sized tank? if they were only there for two years i really hope so.

Yup. I think I’ve explained this to a number of anons, but yes, the goldfish were moved on as they grew. I’ve also mentioned that (when photos weren’t being taken) we had plants in terracotta pots (for cover) as well as filling the bath with Matrix to compensate for the lack of gravel for the biofilter.

Never expected this post to get so far so now I’m regretting not giving enough detail in the original post! I do not recommend recreating this type of thing unless you really know your stuff.

allydannie asked:

Please tell me how you made the tiles in your fish tank bathroom decoration. My fish and I are bored.

They were just terracotta mosaic tiles stuck down with aquarium grade silicon. But I wouldn’t recommend tiling your tank as we had to put in so much more effort to maintain the biofilter without the gravel

Anonymous asked:

Hello Fran! This is about your awesome goldfish tank (of course). I was just wondering where you got the "furniture". Did u buy them individually or take them from a real doll house? Also, what glue did you use to hold everything together? Thanks! :)

We bought them new as a doll house furniture set! The paint used on the furniture was the same as the paint used in aquarium decorations so we figured we’d be safe, but I wouldn’t try it at home. We used aquarium grade silicon (again, what’s used to glue aquariums together) to stick everything down :)